Many Expect Defeated Trump Is Heading Towards Loss In 2024, Poll Reveals


Among registered voters, the pollster YouGov in partnership with The Economist recently found a larger portion believing Joe Biden would be victorious than those saying so of Trump if the two major party politicians faced each other again in next year’s general election, as many expect.

A full 43 percent of registered voters said they believed Biden would win, while 39 percent went with the former president. Among all respondents, meaning not just registered voters, the outcome was reversed, with the portion saying they didn’t know also somewhat higher. Both Biden and Trump consistently lead by very large margins in their respective parties’ ongoing presidential primaries, though both have challengers. Trump didn’t even participate in the recently held first GOP debate from the party’s primary, and there’s no indication there will be any Democratic Party debates. The only challengers running are fringe contenders like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who often aligns himself with far-right positions.

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, who’s trying to challenge Trump, reached double digits in this YouGov polling among national respondents, but Trump had the majority. Trump’s lead has stayed consistent despite his four criminal cases comprised of dozens and dozens of allegations of felony misconduct.

It is a consistent finding across polling that majorities from the general American public don’t want Trump in the presidential race at all, no matter his GOP popularity. In the YouGov numbers, from polling that was completed September 12, 56 percent of general adults said they don’t want Trump in the race — so even with any public frustration around Joe Biden, stoked as it is by Republican conspiracy theories, it’s clear there’s simply no groundswell of support for his immediate predecessor, despite Donald’s claims. Check out more right here.