N.Y. Democrat Shows That Ted Cruz Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About


Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-N.Y.), a first-term member of Congress known in part for helping handle the first impeachment of Donald Trump when the ex-commander-in-chief was still in office, was among those taking notice this week of attempts from the Right to justify House Republicans’ interest in potentially impeaching President Joe Biden.

Republicans in that chamber have raised intense complaints about what they allege either is the already shown or the potentially present connection between the president and ostensibly corrupt business dealings that involved his infamous adult son, Hunter Biden. Reports have indicated, however, a lack of evidence for actual financial ties between the older Biden and those business transactions — meaning key indications that would show an actually meaningful connection are not present. And on a related front, with Republicans claiming or at least suggesting a tie between Hunter’s business interests and actions that Joe Biden took in an official position, there’s also no conclusive evidence.

“There are at least two pieces of direct evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption,” Cruz claimed, promoting his podcast. “1. On video, Joe Biden admitted to coercing Ukraine into firing the prosecutor investigating Hunter. 2. Hunter’s WhatsApp message to a Chinese official that his father was sitting next to him during a shakedown. Every time Democrats and their puppets in the corrupt corporate media say there is no direct evidence they are lying.”

Goldman was quick to reply. “1) Evidence shows that Biden executed official U.S. policy, shared by the EU, the IMF, and GOP senators — and Shokin’s removal was *bad* for Hunter’s business,” the Democrat explained, referring to the Ukrainian prosecutor at issue. “2) Do you have evidence that Joe was really there (or knew about the text)? You’re quite familiar with puffery right?” Goldman has also notably argued that the underlying decision by House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to announce an ostensible impeachment inquiry targeting the president doesn’t actually do anything to expand the party’s investigative powers.