Biden Spokesperson Exposes Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Insane Conspiracy Theories’


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) doesn’t have a solid grasp of basic context for some of the social and political issues with which she’s attempting to grapple.

During a discussion with Fox host Maria Bartiromo that aired this weekend, she credited the U.S. support for Ukraine amid their ongoing defense against Russia to the Biden family supposedly being “on the hook,” referring to some imagined support purportedly owed Ukraine — or something — in response to imagined benefits provided to the Bidens. (So it seems, at least.) Greene has been among those helping spread the never proven contents of an FBI document outlining allegations from a non-governmental source suggesting potentially millions in bribes to the Bidens.

Greene failed to acknowledge in the first parts of her comments that support for Ukraine has actually been nearly universal across what’s traditionally known as the Western world. Is everyone “on the hook”? Ian Sams, a spokesperson on the Biden team dealing specifically with White House responses to various investigations, condemned Greene’s comments this weekend.

“And then, I would argue that we’re in a war in Ukraine, in a proxy war with Russia today. Why? Because the Bidens are on the hook,” Greene exclaimed. “He couldn’t say no to Zelenskyy, and he still can’t say no to Zelenskyy. These are the types of dangerous policy decisions that this leader has made, and he’s lied about them.” Greene has consistently clamored against the U.S. providing support to Ukraine at all, though polling shows that many Americans support it and it’s been argued that supporting Ukraine against Russia effectively supports the indirect U.S. stake in stopping authoritarian threats.

“These are the insane conspiracy theories extreme House Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene are basing their impeachment stunt on,” Sams wrote online, calling it “All lies.” “Even conservative Rep. Ken Buck says so in today’s WaPo column Further revealing how illegitimate this entire exercise is,” Sams added on X, the platform formerly called Twitter. Republicans in the House are now pursuing an impeachment inquiry against the president, hoping evidently to find their ever elusive evidence.