Ex-National Security Official Says Trump Isn’t ‘Mentally Fit’ To Serve As President


Alexander Vindman, the retired lieutenant colonel whose public profile substantially increased around the time of former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment when the latter was still in office, has joined those arguing that Trump is not mentally fit to hold the presidency again. Amid Trump’s nearly 100 individual accusations of criminal misconduct spread across four cases in just as many jurisdictions, he continues running for another term as president.

Vindman responded on X — formerly called Twitter — to a recent clip of a rambling speech from Trump in which he spoke about the claimed possibility of World War II as a future event… something, of course, that already happened. On numerous occasions, Trump’s rhetoric has veered into barely comprehensible territory, with loosely — if at all — connected complaints about nearly every potential political opponent imaginable and sometimes shifting, self-contradictory responses to his charges. He’s sometimes embraced core elements of the accusations against him, publicly proclaiming, for instance, his purported rights to the government documents recovered from him in Florida.

“This guy is “too old” to run for President. More importantly he is not mentally fit,” Vindman said of Trump.

A narrative has circulated in some corners questioning the current president’s age in the context of his ongoing run for another term, though in reality, Joe Biden and Trump are within just several years of each other in age, making their recent records a more apt comparison. Trump spends a large portion of his time complaining online and in public about the legal problems that he’s facing, misrepresenting the basic facts. For instance, Trump continues generally crediting Biden himself for the allegations against him, which is not accurate. There is no evidence of direct action by the incumbent to influence the progression of these cases, handled instead by prosecutors. Biden? He continues with a robust work schedule, traveling worldwide.