Democrat Preparing To Defeat ‘Embarrassing’ Lauren Boebert, He Proclaims


Adam Frisch, a Democratic Congressional candidate in Colorado hoping to unseat the state’s infamous Republican Lauren Boebert, has responded to the recent incident involving the Congresswoman at a theater in her home state.

She and a male companion were pressured by theater staff to leave after what security footage appears to indicate was a flatly disruptive series of behaviors from the Congresswoman, including what appeared to be vaping, taking flash photography, and physically engaging with her male companion — in, again, a packed theater. Boebert was also reported to have been aggressive with theater staff as they sought to control the situation.

“Lauren Boebert’s continued track record of embarrassing her constituents and failing to do her job is why we will defeat her next fall,” Frisch said. Frisch, though he still faces a Democratic primary he must win to reach the elections next fall, is the Democratic contender who was on the ballot against Boebert in 2022, finishing under 600 votes behind her. Frisch has used similar rhetoric against Boebert previously, characterizing the Republican as essentially just an unserious person whose focuses are more with bombast than delivering substantial results for the people of her district and, as relevant, elsewhere.

Boebert eventually admitted to the indoor vaping in a prepared statement last week. In those remarks, she tied some of her behavior to struggles surrounding a divorce from her husband. That man, Jayson Boebert, has been in the news in connection to Lauren previously, including for domestic and neighborhood incidents involving alleged outbursts. In her Congressional role, the Congresswoman has focused lately on ambitions like impeaching President Joe Biden, having infamously made moves towards forcing a vote on the question a little earlier this year, although her proposal for impeachment ended up sent for further consideration in committee. Her crusade against Biden focused on misrepresentations of the administration’s handling of the southern border.