Nancy Pelosi Confronts Trump’s Lies About Her During Weekend TV Interview


During an interview this weekend on MSNBC with host Jonathan Capehart, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — who, though no longer in leadership, remains a member of Congress — condemned some of the rhetoric and actions seen from former President Donald Trump as the 2024 elections get ever closer.

In those elections, Trump may again be on the ballot in pursuit of the presidency — unless the Constitutional challenges to his eligibility succeed or he’s somehow incapacitated in connection to his four criminal cases. In the meantime, Trump continues somehow blaming Pelosi herself for the violence seen on January 6, 2021, when mobs of the former president’s supporters attacked and stormed the U.S. Capitol. A supposedly clinching argument in Trump’s conspiracy theories has been the debunked notion that Pelosi blocked the deployment of troops for Capitol protection in the lead-up to what became the day’s violence.

“The former occupant of the White House has always been about projection,” Pelosi said, rebuking Trump’s remarks. “He knows he’s responsible for that, so he projects it onto others. His instigation of an insurrection; an assault on our Constitution; the day we were supposed to approve — and we did, the results of the electoral college; the assault on the Capitol building; the assault on the Constitution; the assault on our democracy: shame on him, however, he always projects.”

“There’s a sickness here, these has to be an intervention, and that intervention has to be the election, which we have to win, and that’s one of the reasons I’m running again, to fight for our democracy, which is at stake if he’s on the ballot,” Pelosi continued. As for the specific claim on Pelosi supposedly rejecting those sought deployments of military personnel, Christopher Miller — who led the Defense Department — told the January 6 committee in the House that there had been no formalized ambitions for troop deployments at the scale Trump has claimed.