John Fetterman Roasts Marjorie Taylor Greene For Showing ‘Ding-A-Ling Pics’


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) — appointed by nobody to be an arbiter of decorum, and certainly not a role for which she’s shown herself consistently well suited — had some thoughts this week about a change in personal attire policies for the Senate. There, first-term Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) is known for dressing more casually.

Fetterman is the Democrat who defeated Mehmet Oz, aka Dr. Oz, in last year’s Senate election in Pennsylvania. “The Senate no longer enforcing a dress code for Senators to appease Fetterman is disgraceful,” Greene complained on X, the platform formerly called Twitter. “Dress code is one of society’s standards that set etiquette and respect for our institutions. Stop lowering the bar!”

Greene has displayed revealing images of the president’s son Hunter Biden during Congressional proceedings, which Fetterman referenced in a reply. “Thankfully, the nation’s lower chamber lives by a higher code of conduct: displaying ding-a-ling pics in public hearings,” a post from his official account mockingly observed.

Greene faced intensive criticism for the incident involving those materials tied by opponents to Hunter Biden, who — to be clear — has never held public office and shows no indication of wishing to change that. Neither is there any conclusive evidence involving the president in ostensibly corrupt business dealings involving Hunter, a private citizen. Yet, Hunter Biden has figured prominently in the case for impeachment that Republicans in the House are attempting to assemble against his father. Hunter is currently moving through the established justice system with a new case alleging past misrepresentations in the process of obtaining a firearm… which, curiously though characteristically, has not suddenly led to outrage from the Republicans who are seemingly so often concerned with protecting access to guns.

Republicans have complained about the legal steps taken against Hunter supposedly not going far enough nearly every step of the way.