Trump Belittles The United States In All-Caps Screed, Showing Himself Unfit


Though former President Donald Trump and supporters of his often claim the effective title of defenders of the United States, Trump continues to consistently malign the very foundation of the country as it exists today separate from his so-called leadership. Whether his remarks are targeted, like his repeated insistence that Washington, D.C., is “filthy,” or more open-ended, the ex-president’s antagonism towards the fabric of the country, as you might call it, simply remains abundantly clear.

“IF YOU CHEAT ON ELECTIONS IN TODAY’S FAILING USA, YOU HAVE NO PROBLEM. IF YOU LOOK TO FIND THE CHEATERS, THEY INDICT YOU & CALL YOU A CONSPIRACY THEORIST. ONLY IN AMERICA!” Trump complained on Monday. Does he… not like the United States? Why does he want to become president again if he’s so at odds with the course the country is taking?

And his rhetoric isn’t just about believing that negative things are happening — something imaginable across demographic groups. Trump’s anti-American diatribes consistently reach an absolute fever pitch, proclaiming something like the imminent — or already unfolding — destruction of the country as those who don’t look like him try and exert political power corresponding more closely to their shares of society.

The foundation of Trump’s remarks cited above remains, of course, without substance. There is still no real-world evidence for the sweeping, systematic election fraud that Trump claims was seen, and there’s never going to be any such evidence. It’s been years! And Trump and his allies weren’t simply trying to altruistically uncover and spotlight damaging behavior from others. Inside Trump’s circles, Donald and his allies concocted proactive plots to stop the procedural march that was set to place Joe Biden in office as president. Trump now faces criminal charges in two cases specifically related to those efforts — cases that evidence indicates have been handled, in procedural terms, roughly in line with the standard, meaning they’re not “election interference.”

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