“The View” Mocks “Trash Queen” Lauren Boebert After Theater Ejection


During a broadcast of the daytime talk show “The View” this week, co-host Ana Navarro mocked Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) after an attention-grabbing incident at a Colorado theater. There, Boebert and a male companion were ejected after behavior from Boebert including flash photography in the audience’s seating area, indoor vaping, and what security footage later revealed was handsy physical contact between Boebert and her guest while in the packed hall.

Boebert later described herself in an interview as being in general “eccentric” — something many found to be an odd choice of words that didn’t quite capture the actual breadth of the situation. She’s also tied her behavior to the stress of a divorce and even quipped about the evidently Democratic leanings of the man who’s been identified as having been with her that night.

“Lauren Boebert — no honey, you weren’t eccentric, you were X-rated,” Navarro remarked. “This was not a performance of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It was a performance of “Beetlejuice.” This weekend, I was reading all of this stuff, right? And I’m thinking to myself, it’s like Republicans gone wild. So one, you got this woman, Boebert, getting kicked out because she was getting fondled in the middle of a matinee.” It’s not entirely clear how much the physical contact was known to the theater’s staff at the time. Navarro then mentioned some of the other recently circulating scandalous allegations involving prominent Republicans, like claims of an affair between a Republican governor and a prominent ally to Donald Trump.

“The problem is hypocrisy,” Navarro continued, adding: “Lauren Boebert, we have a montage of some of the stuff she’s been saying because she’s a staunch supporter of children. God forbid a child see the fake boobies of a drag queen. Apparently, the fake boobies of a trash queen are okay.” Local authorities have indicated they have no intention of charging Boebert for the physical contact that was seen in public, which, while not excessively revealing, was nonetheless distinct in its nature. It’s the kind of flouting of public standards that this same Republican crowd so often uses in baseless allegations against their political targets.

Footage from “The View” this week was earlier flagged by journalist Justin Baragona. Watch below: