“Morning Joe” Berates Trump For Disgracing The Nation’s Military & Veterans


During an episode this Tuesday of “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough — who once served as a Republican Congressman — berated former President Donald Trump after some of the latest allegations surrounding his handling of originally classified documents from his time in office. (No evidence confirms Trump’s claims they were declassified en masse.)

In short, new reporting alleges that Trump used classified materials for writing to-do lists and evidently admonished an associate of his (Molly Michael) to feign ignorance amid pressure from the feds over those documents that preceded Trump’s eventual charges.

“This is again, Mr. Obstruction,” Scarborough said. “He’s been Mr. Obstruction his entire life. And here you go, he keeps doing it. He keeps lying. And again, the people that are turning on Donald Trump are not left-wingers. They are not resistance Republicans. They are people that actually worked for Donald Trump. And worked for Donald Trump not in 2017, but at the end, and even after January the Sixth.”

Considering the issue more generally, Scarborough also noted the contrast between Trump’s approach to these protected materials and the means of handling such protected docs to which individuals throughout military and government service have so consistently adhered. “There are so many people that served this country in the military, in the State Department, in the DOD, in Congress that understood exactly what they could and could not do,” Scarborough continued. “And he has breached that code of conduct so many times.”

The contrast and the implications of that discrepancy hearken to the incessantly anti-American tone of so much of Trump’s public rhetoric. With him, it’s really not just about believing that damaging circumstances are unfolding. He repeatedly and consistently proclaims what’s essentially either the imminent or already transpiring destruction of the U.S. absent his so-called leadership. He targets in this antagonistic rhetoric the country’s very fabric, clearly taking serious issue with the essential elements of the path that Americans are taking. And that’s, of course, what in reality he targeted after the 2020 elections too: the duly documented, democratically expressed will of millions of United States voters!