Boebert Now Says It’s Her Job To Provide ‘Levity’ For Constituents. What?


During an interview on Fox News with host Jesse Watters, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) had another bizarre explanation for her recent behavior at a Colorado theater — a new series of excuses that came after she already described herself as having been “eccentric,” which drew confusion.

Boebert was booted (alongside a male companion of hers) from that theater during a performance of the musical “Beetlejuice” after behavior like indoor vaping and taking flash photography in the audience. Security footage also later showed the Congresswoman getting suggestively handsy with her evident date — right within the large crowd. She initially denied the vaping but has since turned towards contrition, repeatedly tying her behavior to a recently unveiled divorce. The man Boebert was divorcing has himself been in the news repeatedly for domestic and neighborhood incidents.

“I was very excited about the actual musical,” Boebert claimed to Watters while on Fox, adding: “It’s been 20 years since I was in the dating scene, and back then, there were not infrared cameras watching my every move. But it’s a lesson learned. And as I said, I’m truly humbled and apologize to my people in Colorado’s 3rd District, those who I love. In my position, it is my responsibility to bring levity to my constituents’ lives — never gravity. Never should my actions burden those whom I represent.”

“Levity”? What does she mean? Isn’t the role of a member of Congress to improve the lives of their constituents? Levity is traditionally associated with humor. She’s not a jester! At least, she’s not supposed to be. How can one elected member of Congress keep missing the mark on what she’s actually meant to do? And shouldn’t people naturally, well, grow up over the span of 20 years without needing to be kept in the know about security cameras to behave? In terms of being just way off base, all of these bizarre comments mirror Boebert’s insistence on pursuing an impeachment of President Joe Biden. Boebert consistently outright lies about the southern border, claiming foreign criminal organizations have taken control there.