Trump Plummets Below Majority Support In Survey That Shows Biden Near-DOUBLING A 2020 Win


Surprise! Facing nearly 100 accusations of felonious criminal misconduct isn’t the right recipe to push you to victory as a Republican presidential candidate in a state that sometimes shifts back and forth between the two major parties in elections held statewide.

In new polling from New Hampshire, which was conducted by a University of New Hampshire team in cooperation with CNN, incumbent President Joe Biden leads former President Donald Trump by 12 percentage points in a hypothetical match-up for the 2024 general election. Biden had 52 percent of the support, while Trump was at 40 percent. That leading margin for Biden is approaching double the margin by which he won the same state in the 2020 presidential election. And Biden led other major Republican candidates as well, though Trump is generally expected to eventually formally capture the party’s nod for president, considering his lead in polling.

A side story involves the dramatic drop still ongoing for Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, whose campaign against Trump for the 2024 nomination from Republicans has nearly failed at this point. DeSantis is now struggling to even show up among the top few candidates in polling from this same state, which is traditionally an early marker in the respective presidential primaries.

As for Biden and Trump, Biden also is expected to again be on the ballot. He faces formal opposition from a couple of declared Democratic candidates, but they’re not ending up anywhere near him in polling from the race. And while the policy wins for Democrats continue, like with new federal efforts against gun violence and in support of the development of skills among Americans relevant to advancements in clean energy and environmental protection, Republicans continue struggling with the basic tasks of governing. Republicans have the majority in the House but have yet to approve needed spending bills that will decide whether the federal government remains fully operational. They can’t even muster enough support in their party to pass what they themselves want, so far.