Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mocks GOP For Being Crybabies As Federal Shutdown Looms


The threat of another shutdown across much of the federal government currently looms over Washington, D.C.

Republicans in the House are just failing to approve even something they themselves want to at least establish a place at a metaphorical — or literal — negotiating table in the ongoing appropriations process, with deadlines coming up quickly. Republicans — some of them, at least — are amid those faltering maneuvers trying to go back on agreements around appropriations that were reached around the time the federal government’s debt ceiling was raised this year.

And basic services for Americans are at stake. As this serious possibility looms, some Republicans were recently reported to be coming up with the absurd, extreme proposal of cuts reaching more than 25 percent to all spending outside the military and Department of Veterans Affairs as part of a temporary extension of past approvals for spending. Such would be destructive, without any clear end or regard for the threatened consequences.

“They want deep cuts to our health care system — all of it. All of it,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said in a video that’s circulating online. “They’re demanding these deep, deep cuts and trying to rewrite a deal that the other side already gave their concessions on. So we’re not revisting this. We already visited this a couple of months ago. We’re not revisting this now. We’re going to sign the check that we agreed to four months ago. We’re going to grow up. They need to grow up.”

At a recent press conference, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), who holds a leadership position among House Democrats, spoke to some of what would follow another shutdown: “Some of the things that are going to happen include billions of dollars of small business loans not being able to be funded and distributed. Last time there was a government shutdown, workers who are paid by the federal government, such as air traffic controllers, eventually stopped showing up to work because they’re not going to get paid, and we’re going to have our national parks shuttered. So, these are going to cost the American people.” Is this what the Republican Party wants to offer Americans in the 2024 elections?

Watch Ocasio-Cortez below, via The Recount: