Eric Swalwell Exposes Kevin McCarthy For Failing To Lead A Functional U.S. House


A potential government shutdown is looming after dubious time spent in the GOP-led House doing, well, nothing followed more recently by multiple failures of votes held simply on the question of moving forward with — rather than finalizing approval for — key funding for the federal government.

Republicans, though they have a majority, have yet to pass what’s needed amid this ongoing government funding process to keep the rhetorical lights on and the literal paychecks going out for many federal government workers. They’re failing so far to pass nearly anything — thereby not even showing up at the negotiating table, metaphorically or literally.

There is opposition within the Republican Party to certain policy directions in areas like the southern border and immigration, and — as some of them explained during a recent hearing of the House Rules Committee — they’re evidently willing to run with this to the point of a shutdown because of lack of funding, believing their ideals trump the basic concerns of keeping things operational. And Republican leadership, centered around House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), is… just going along with it? They could have held more votes, it would seem — and they could have not just kept sending members home.

“Your government is shutting down b/c @SpeakerMcCarthy only cares about keeping his own job,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said, effectively accusing the fellow Californian of just capitulating to far-right interests. “So to stay employed he’s cutting off paychecks for millions of other jobs. He has plenty of Democratic votes to keep government open but he’s a failure. Time to choose country over chaos.” And Democrats are not going to support the absurd, partisan proposals emerging from some Republicans. The cut of 27 percent to most government spending excluding the military and Department of Veterans Affairs, which was one idea for just a temporary extension of past funding approvals in a continuing resolution (CR)? It’s not remotely realistic.