Eric Swalwell Says Trump’s 91 Charges Are A Lot Worse Than Biden Being 80 Years Old


In a new interview on MSNBC with journalist Mehdi Hasan, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) argued that former President Donald Trump’s many criminal charges are significantly more concerning than the advanced age of President Joe Biden, who is running for another term.

Though Biden and Trump, who are expected to be their respective political parties’ presidential nominees for 2024, aren’t that far apart in age, there’s sometimes been more attention on Biden’s age — though Democrats have pointed to the incumbent’s record to make the case that he remains up to the task of serving as president. Swalwell himself actually ran briefly against Biden in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, and during the interview, the Congressman responded to years-old criticisms he himself had raised about Biden’s age.

“He proved me wrong with what he has done in bringing the country together, through the jobs and infrastructure bill, through the CHIPS Act, through the gun safety legislation that he’s passed — through the Inflation Reduction Act, and just the way he’s brought the world together to take on Ukraine,” Swalwell said, referring to the support the U.S. and other countries have provided for that country amid its defense against the Russian military’s violence. “He’s 80. There’s no disputing that. But you know what number is higher than 80? 91. 91 charges over four indictments, and that’s a lot more concerning to me than the president’s age.”

And it’s not Biden who continues to propagate a fantasy reality in which the 2020 presidential election was actually something completely different. Years into the consistent debunking of his claims, Trump still contends that widespread election fraud swung that race, something that’s never been shown. Biden also isn’t the one suggesting execution for his political adversaries, as Trump recently did when speaking of retired General Mark Milley, who until recently was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That military leadership body is comprised of the highest-ranking uniformed officers from across various U.S. military branches.