Trump Suggests Mar-a-Lago Is Among The WORLD’s Highest-Valued Properties


Former President Donald Trump continues spiraling this week.

On Thursday, as the civil trial in New York City on claims from New York state Attorney General Letitia James of fraud at the Trump business continued to move forward, the ex-president suggested on Truth Social that Mar-a-Lago (his Florida property) was among the highest-valued properties on the planet. You don’t need to know your way around real estate to recognize that argument as absurd! He specifically suggested a valuation for the southern Florida bronzer hotspot sometimes in hurricanes’ path of $1.8 billion. Allegations of misvaluing business assets are central to the claims that James brought, though understating them would also be off the mark and potentially create its own fraud depending on the context!

“I’m in a rat’s nest of NEW YORK DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION, a reason so many companies are leaving New York, our Racist Attorney General filled a lawsuit whose facts and VALUATIONS are wrong, like $18,000,000 for Mar-a-Lago, when it is worth, perhaps, 100 times that amount, and numerous other properties, likewise, that this case is a political SHAM that should never have been brought,” Trump rambled.

Notably, there was big news circulating this week about Truth Social, the social media site where the former president was posting this nonsense. Per figures published in the financial news publication Forbes, Trump’s major stake in his namesake company that’s behind the social media operation dropped in value by some $630 million! It was a central reason why Forbes also removed Trump from their list of the 400 most wealthy individuals in the U.S. It’s a list around which Trump has previously lied to get a placement.

Meanwhile, James herself is responding resolutely to the ex-president’s antics. “Dangerous and racist comments will not deter me,” James said in a video message after the third day of the trial on her civil claims against Trump concluded. “The laws of this great state and nation apply equally to everyone — even Donald Trump. And it is my duty and my responsibility to ensure that the law is enforced and upheld, and I refuse to back down or to be bullied.”