Oversight Committee Member Deems Trump A Danger To National Security


In a speech in Florida this week, former President Donald Trump once again began essentially propping up violent forces outside the country. He called the terror group Hezbollah — formally recognized as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government — “smart,” applying the same moniker to a general category of overseas violent groups and their allies that oppose Israel.

He made those comments in conjunction with criticism of the current leadership in Israel, claiming top brass in the country had been involved in preparations for a military strike while Trump was in office that killed a top military leader in Iran but withdrew as the operation approached. Trump wasn’t expressing moral support for the aims of those opposite Israel ideologically in the Middle East and elsewhere, instead trying to claim that Israel’s opponents were showing some kind of strategic prowess — an also ridiculous assertion. Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.), in his first term and a member of the high-profile House Oversight Committee, said Trump just keeps disqualifying himself.

“After the worst terror attack in Israeli history, Donald Trump criticizes Israel and praises the terrorists, yet again tacitly giving aide and comfort to our enemies,” Goldman remarked online. “This man is a danger to national security and must never be in public office again.”

Former GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney also commented. “After Hamas slaughters hundreds of Jewish families, and Israel confronts an unprecedented security crisis, Donald Trump attacks the Israeli govt and praises Hezbollah terrorists. Are Republicans really going to nominate this dangerous man to be President of the United States?” she asked. The answer to her question is what looks like yes, considering Trump’s continued dominance in surveys from the GOP presidential primary and the support he continues to receive from Republican elected officials. This kind of absurd language isn’t even new from Trump, as he’s also applied it to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions against Ukraine — where Trump’s inept descriptions were also wrong, considering the military defeats faced again and again by Russian forces, though violence continues.

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