Massive Numbers Say GOP’s House Control Brought ‘Mostly Negative’ Effects


Many Americans aren’t fans of the course the U.S. House has taken with Republicans in control — though lately they’ve barely been able to do much considering the chaos that pushed Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from a stint as House Speaker over a week ago, with a replacement still not approved by the only party currently possessing sufficient numbers in the House to act on its own (meaning the Republican Party).

Polling from SSRS and CNN finds large portions of Americans saying they believe that Republicans controlling the House has brought “mostly negative” effects in several key areas, and the closest competitor was the category for those saying the control hadn’t meant much at all — meaning those who actively supported what’s been seen and said the GOP majority has brought mostly positive effects were minuscule minorities.

On immigration laws, the portion pointing to a “mostly negative” effect from GOP control of the House reached 43 percent. On the federal budget, it was 47 percent, and on the level of cooperation within the federal government — necessary in many areas for basic progress considering the partisan split currently in place, it was fully 50 percent. For comparison, only 17 percent thought the GOP majority in the House had meant generally positive effects in immigration policy, and numbers were similar on other questions. The polling was conducted among general adults — rather than just registered voters or another group — and was completed on October 9.

Republicans in the House have presented a border bill including measures like a jump-start to construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, but their approach has largely been sticking to their partisan agenda items instead of attempting to — again — find the common ground necessary for enacting change. Also pushed by Republicans has been a return to the so-called remain in Mexico program that forced asylum seekers to wait outside the country while their cases were processed here.