Rudy Giuliani Directly Implicated In Newest Plea Deal From Fani Willis’ Case


The latest plea deal from amid the criminal case brought in Georgia by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis covering Trump world’s targeting after the last presidential race of the results from the southeastern state is with Jenna Ellis, a lawyer formerly on the Trump team. And her deal, as formally enshrined in court this Tuesday, directly points to Trump ally Rudy Giuliani — who was also charged in the case.

In tangible terms, this connection could suggest Ellis eventually testifying against Giuliani in the event he sticks it out to trial rather than also pleading guilty and avoiding a jury. Like others charged who pleaded guilty in this case, Ellis agreed to provide testimony as spurred by prosecutors.

The connection is made through Ellis and Giuliani’s joint appearance in front of state legislators in Georgia after the 2020 presidential race, a hearing where — though Ellis herself didn’t offer testimony — the team present rolled out a slew of deceptive claims about the then-recent 2020 elections, including a contention of over 10,000 ballots cast in the names of deceased individuals.

State investigative efforts in Georgia disproved that notion, as was the case with the conspiracy theories — also pushed during that hearing — implicating mother-and-daughter election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss in imaginary election fraud. The serious threats to their safety and lives the duo concurrently faced show some of the serious stakes of this nonsense.

Ellis’ plea documents say she “intentionally aided and abetted RUDOLPH WILLIAM LOUIS GIULIANI and RAY STALLINGS SMITH III in knowingly, willfully, and unlawfully making the following false statements to members of the Georgia Senate present at a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee meeting.” The document lists some of the false claims, which came amid a pressure campaign on state legislators in Georgia and elsewhere pushing ideas like support for sham electors backing Trump from states, like Georgia, where Joe Biden had won.