Judge Orders Ivanka Trump To The Stand In New York Case From Letitia James


In the New York fraud trial covering a case against the Trumps that originates with the state’s Attorney General Letitia James, presiding Judge Arthur Engoron has demanded that Ivanka Trump — daughter to the former president — take the stand, backing up what James’ team wanted.

The judge took issue with the absence of a sworn statement on key elements to this dispute from Ivanka herself, which per the routine handling of law can’t simply be submitted at any stage. Like other findings emanating from the trial proceedings that have already stretched across weeks, Ivanka’s team can appeal Engoron’s direction for the ex-president’s daughter to face questioning.

Adult siblings of hers including Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were already expected to testify, as was the ex-president himself, Donald Trump — though he’s already been on the stand this week to address antagonistic comments that the judge ultimately found to be in violation of a gag order. Those restrictions on remarks in the case blocked attacks on court staff like a judicial clerk who the former president previously called out by name.

Ivanka was originally named in James’ case itself, but a New York court removed her from its targets on the basis of relevant statutes of limitations. She infamously joined her father in the White House throughout his four years as president. Before the dispute made it to court early Friday, Ivanka’s team had argued she was effectively outside the jurisdiction of the subpoena demands originating with James and that the (three) subpoenas themselves weren’t properly served. Similar arguments came up Friday. “Ms. Trump does not live in New York. She is not domiciled here,” a lawyer for the ex-president’s daughter said, per reporter Adam Klasfeld. “She does not transact business here.”