Trump Now Claims He Hasn’t Heard Of Trial Consequences He Could Face


Donald Trump, continuing to face trial in New York on accusations from the state’s Attorney General Letitia James of financial fraud at his family business, has come up with a bizarre new retort.

On his knock-off social media platform Truth Social, he claimed this week that he hadn’t even formerly heard of the possible penalty looming at trial of disgorgement, which refers to financial penalties that would cover the profits made from business moves deemed to be in violation of the relevant legal standards. Presiding Judge Arthur Engoron said Tuesday that disgorgement remained a serious option in the case, potentially implicating a large amount of profits made over recent years at the Trump Organization. The case from James rests in large part on claims of major deception in the claims of value the Trumps were using while dealing with outside interests like banks offering loans.

“In the meantime, they “lost” their Star Witness, and my Financial Statements are GREAT!” Trump claimed early Wednesday. “There was no fraud, so they are working with the corrupt A.G. whose campaign was “I will get Trump,” to develop something, anything. They even go back to 2014, past the Statute of Limitations, to look at a “low ball” offer I made for the Buffalo Bills. Someone else offered much more, so what? Now they come up with something called “disgorgement.” I never even heard of the term. WITCH HUNT!!! ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!” Trump has been in business for essentially all of his life, and he’s never heard of disgorgement, which seems basic?

As for his other claims, he’s referring with the “Star Witness” moniker to Michael Cohen, the ex-personal attorney to Trump who the former president’s corner claimed had created significant problems for himself in his testimony. Without even getting to the substance of that dispute, the judge concluded there was more than enough other evidence under examination to keep things moving.