Jamie Raskin Condemns Trump’s Threats As On Par With Vladimir Putin


During a discussion this weekend on MSNBC with host Jen Psaki, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) condemned Donald Trump as on par with Vladimir Putin of Russia. Technically, there are elections held in that Eurasian country, but Putin exerts violent control over the civilian population and has repeatedly flouted basic expectations of an actually open political and electoral process.

“What would a second term look like? It would look a lot like Vladimir Putin in Russia. It would look a lot like Viktor Orbán in Hungary. Illiberal democracy, meaning democracy without rights or liberties or respect for the due process, the system, the rule of law, and in fact, there’s not much democracy left to it, because their position is they don’t accept the integrity of any election where they lose!” Raskin warned, discussing Trump.

Raskin also pointed to the acceptance and even, on occasion, outright promotion of political violence. Trump has over and over again expressed support for individuals isolated as having participated in the violence at the Capitol in 2021, which was connected to debilitating injuries and a series of deaths.

Those comments from Trump have actually been referenced by federal prosecutors in court filings in the context of the criminal case from Jack Smith accusing Trump of a program of attempted election interference. The prosecutors say they’ll be pointing to Trump’s comments like his arguments for eventual presidential pardons for rioters amid their broader efforts to make the case that Trump had corrupt intent in pursuing his post-election schemes. In other recent filings, the Smith team also pushed back on a host of other notions, refuting that the First Amendment meaningfully shields Trump, that his acquittal by the Senate after his 2021 impeachment provides protection, and that there are secret ties to Biden behind the serious criminal charges Trump faces.