Prosecutor Fani Willis Wants Trump’s Co-Defendant Sent Back To Jail


In Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who brought the criminal case alleging a conspiracy against the state’s election results that implicated Donald Trump, is asking for the bond agreement allowing one of his co-defendants to await trial outside of custody to be revoked. Judge Scott McAfee granting Willis’ request would presumably send this co-defendant, Harrison Floyd, back to jail.

Willis argues that recent commentary from Floyd mirrors recognized witness intimidation. On X (formerly Twitter), he has called out figures like formerly pro-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis and Ruby Freeman, an election worker from 2020 who was infamously named in debunked conspiracy theories about widespread fraud in that year’s presidential race. Freeman and her daughter, then-fellow election worker Shaye Moss, faced threats to their safety from believers in connection to the false claims.

“The defendant’s actions demonstrate that he poses a significant threat of intimidating witnesses and otherwise obstructing the administration of justice in the future, making him ineligible for bond,” Willis argued Wednesday in court.

Floyd originally spent a short period in custody after he surrendered for processing without a release agreement established. The prospect of bond was also further off for him amid delays in locking down legal representation. Floyd previously led a group called Black Voices for Trump, and the criminal allegations he’s facing from Willis are connected to his past involvement in pressure on Freeman.

Several co-defendants from the broader case, including Ellis, fellow attorney Sidney Powell, and others, have pleaded guilty. Other recent developments include Willis seeking protections for investigative materials after the release of video footage showing sessions between multiple defendants and prosecutors in which defendants answered for their actions and circumstances connected to them. A lawyer for a defendant on the case, Misty Hampton, said they shared footage with a media outlet. There could be concerns of witness intimidation facilitated by the footage’s spread.