Adam Kinzinger Declares Trump’s Antics Make Him A ‘Huge Sissy Victim’


Former GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who previously gained notoriety for his opposition from within the Republican Party to Donald Trump’s incessant election lies, continues to speak out.

In recent commentary on the social media site X, formerly called Twitter, Kinzinger had choice words for what Trump’s latest rhetoric showed about the character of the ex-president. Kinzinger, who is active in the National Guard, was responding specifically to a rant on Truth Social from Trump in which the GOP presidential front-runner complained about prospective voters highlighted by a Fox News segment. All of the individuals Trump referenced expressed support for candidates other than Trump. “FoxNews must have worked very hard not to find a TRUMPER,” the former president said.

“If he was in my squadron, or really any job, the stuff he says wouldn’t be seen as tough. He would be seen as a huge sissy victim. He would be pushed aside. He’d get a call sign like “DOHO (Douche of highest order) or “MAM” Most annoying man),” Kinzinger quipped.

Elsewhere, Trump has — repeatedly — directly taken on military leadership. He has suggested the execution of the now retired Mark Milley, who until recently was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, arguing that the extreme move had a precedent in history on account of Milley’s alleged behavior.

Meanwhile, former GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who ended up in roughly the same category as Kinzinger as one of the only elected Republicans in Congress willing to consistently condemn Trump’s election deception, also keeps advocating. She has recently spoken on X against various conspiracy theories related to the violence of January 6, like a theory that started taking off in right-wing circles that a particular image from amid the Capitol chaos showed a person dressed as a Trump supporter displaying a badge. (The idea is that secret feds propelled the violence.) The item was a vape.