Young Americans Stand With Biden In Resounding Rejection Of GOP, Per Poll


There’s still no extensive evidence of an imminent “red wave,” meaning surge of support for Republicans in elections.

Recent polling from YouGov and The Economist completed just before Thanksgiving found young Americans, meaning respondents from the ages of 18 through 29, actually approving of President Joe Biden as a general matter more than they disapproved. Biden’s approval in this age bracket was 45 percent, while his disapproval was 43 percent. The incumbent’s overall numbers have sometimes recently been dismal, but these results suggest another base of support for the first-term president, who remains on track to appear in the general election late next year.

In this polling, that age group was actually the only one in which approval for Biden was ahead of disapproval. By the age group of 65 and over, disapproval for the president had surged to 65 percent.

In a recent Thanksgiving message, the president again pointed positively towards Americans. It’s a contrast with the consistent, obsessive online antagonism from former President Donald Trump, from which he did not take a break across the holiday.

“We have met with service members, veterans, and their families, who have selflessly served and sacrificed for our country,” Biden said, referring to himself and First Lady Jill Biden. “We have witnessed the resolve of firefighters, police officers, and first responders, who risk their lives every day to protect us. We have seen the best of our character in the doctors, nurses, scientists, public servants, union workers, and teachers, who ensure everyone is taken care of and no one is left behind. We have seen all the possibilities this Nation holds in the mothers, fathers, and caregivers, who work hard to build a future worthy of their children’s greatest dreams, and in young people across the country, who are the most talented, engaged, and educated generation in history.”