Former GOP Chairwoman Pushes ‘Repercussions’ For Trump’s Fake Electors


As Nevada state Attorney General Aaron Ford, a Democrat, pursues an investigation into the assembling in his state after the 2020 presidential election of sham electoral college votes for Donald Trump despite Joe Biden winning there, a former chairwoman of Nevada’s GOP is advocating for consequences.

Amy Tarkanian “said she hopes Nevada joins other states in taking action against the fake electors,” CNN summarized. Other states exemplifying that trend include Michigan and Georgia, where criminal charges have been brought against individuals who signed on as Trump’s electors amid the multi-state plot covering states where the legitimate electors were won by Biden.

“There need to be some repercussions, so it will make people think, very, very hard about trying to pull this kind of garbage off ever again,” Tarkanian said, continuing: “You want to make sure that everyone sees that these people are spreading lies and it’s malicious. And that this is something that could affect the outcomes of future elections, and it has to be stopped.”

There has, in fact, recently been another election subversion mess leading to criminal charges, with two county board members in Cochise County, Arizona, recently charged in an indictment announced by the state attorney general.

The charges stem from these Republican officials having initially delayed certifying the 2022 results from their jurisdiction amid consideration of conspiracy theories connected to Trump’s claims about races where he’s contended. The officials’ responsibilities in certifying the local election results were held to be procedural in nature rather than a juncture for change, hearkening back to the dispute over Mike Pence as vice president presiding over the Congressional certification of electoral college results from 2020. His role too was held to be procedural, but Trump’s circles wanted action.

Trump has been claiming he’ll be producing evidence proving his wide-reaching claims of election rigging, but there’s just no indication that he actually possesses such.