Biden Takes Absolutely Commanding Lead Among Young Voters, Poll Shows


Recent polling from YouGov and The Economist — an often operating survey team — finds President Joe Biden with a massive lead among young Americans in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 presidential election, meaning another face-off between Biden and Donald Trump. At present, that scenario looks the most likely, with both Biden and Trump on track to win their respective parties’ primaries and no campaign-debilitating consequence having emerged for Trump from one of his criminal cases… yet.

The polling, which finished November 27, found Biden at 52 percent of the support among Americans from the age of 18 through 29 and Trump finishing with only 25 percent. The portion in this age range identifying their choice as “other” was the highest of any such group, though the overall level of support for Biden was also the highest and the only majority. By the next age group up on the scale, Biden had already sunk to half. Trump started leading in the next age group after that category, meaning respondents from the age of 45 through 64, and he also led among respondents 65 and up.

The top level’s numbers, meaning those representing general survey participants’ responses, also found a slim lead for Biden nationally, with the incumbent ahead by two percent. It’s a reversal from some recent polling that got a lot of attention and showed Trump in the lead.

The latest numbers paint more of the portrait, depicting a race that is somewhat in flux but in which Biden has a strong base of support — not some scenario involving an impending red wave (meaning surge of Republican support in elections). There’s obviously no politically cataclysmic event for Democrats unfolding, because look at recent election results from just last month in Kentucky, Ohio, and Virginia!