Young Voters Reject Trump In Absolutely Huge Numbers Before 2024 Election


The polling remains relatively consistent on whether Americans even want Donald Trump to be in the currently unfolding presidential race that will culminate in a general election next year. The answer, for a majority, is “no.”

Recent polling from the frequent surveying duo YouGov and The Economist found 55 percent of overall respondents saying they did not want Trump in the presidential race. Among politically important suburban residents, it was 62 percent — and among respondents from 18 through 29 years of age, it was 65 percent. Among independents, 57 percent said “no” to the idea of another Trump campaign, as is currently unfolding — so multiple majorities expressed their opposition to Trump. The polling was completed November 27.

At present, the most likely outcome seems to be that Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden face each other again in the 2024 general election, setting up a direct rematch of the last general election. Though there was some recent polling showing a Trump lead that got a lot of attention, other polling, including recent numbers, has shown a Biden lead — so those predicting a “red wave” (meaning surge of support for Republicans in elections) aren’t accurately reflecting the situation at hand per the basic numbers.

Trump has outlined a relatively draconian vision for a second term in office, ranging from the prospect of pardons for participants in the democracy-threatening attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, to potentially restarting the Muslim-targeting travel bans he previously pursued. He also continues expressing interest in using governmental power like indictments against his political adversaries. Trump’s first criminal trial amid his four cases looks set for March of next year.