Pete Buttigieg Singles Out GOP Speaker Mike Johnson Over His Glaring Hypocrisy


During a recent interview on MSNBC, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg spotlighted support given by a couple of Republicans in Congress to infrastructure development backed by the widely touted bipartisan deal in that area, which both of the members who Buttigieg named had actually opposed.

“We saw the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, just the other day with Rep. Vern Buchanan. Both of them were touring an airport terminal project in Sarasota that our department approved for funding through President Biden’s infrastructure law. They apparently saw no irony in celebrating that project even though they had voted “no” on the package that funded it,” Buttigieg said on the air. “We know that these are good projects because even the people who tried to block them are here to celebrate them. […] We’re about getting stuff done.”

The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress have also worked to advance green energy, domestic manufacturing in technology, and other areas, and all of these economic developments come with a boost to job opportunities as well. Unemployment remains generally low, and inflation continues its overall downward movement, with some of the Biden administration’s key policies and initiatives also oriented around better controlling prices.

Recent numbers from the Commerce Department said month-to-month inflation overall had fallen to zero in October, meaning no overall increase in prices as the department calculated costs — and the latest GDP numbers on the third quarter said there’d been an annualized rate of GDP growth at 5.2 percent, which represents (among other developments) a brisk rate of spending. From helping orchestrate more efficient progress in shipping to direct support for domestic consumers and businesses seeking to update to green energy alongside past releases from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve boosting the gas supply chain, much of the work on prices has been direct.