New Survey Finds Joe Biden Replicating His 2020 Win In 2024’s Election


In survey work that ended December 17, the Canadian polling firm called Leger has found a lead for President Joe Biden of four percentage points in a hypothetical rematch with Donald Trump in next year’s general election amid the unfolding race for the White House.

In a category identified by the pollster as decided voters, evidently referring to respondents who provided a relatively definitive choice when asked, 46 percent went with Biden, while 42 percent backed Trump.

“Someone else” got 12 percent. Slightly different numbers were present in other breakdowns of the polling data, though Biden still led in each line-up. The margin for the incumbent among “decided voters” mirrors the national margin by which he won in 2020, when Biden ultimately led Trump by about four and a half percentage points nationally, though that kind of result is not by itself determinative of who actually takes the White House. However, that year’s precedent suggests that the necessary leads for Biden in individual states (boosting him in the all-important electoral college) would accompany that kind of lead for the Democratic contender at the national level.

Trump, meanwhile, continues to allege that the multiple criminal cases he is facing are somehow set up as election interference considering his ongoing campaign for president.

There’s no evidence establishing either political intentions or the involvement of the president (meaning Joe Biden) behind Trump’s cases, though his legal team raised arguments otherwise in even their recent rebuff to the prosecutors providing them with the government’s draft exhibit list for trial in Trump’s January 6-related case. Presiding Judge Tanya Chutkan put the bulk of the proceedings on hold as Trump brings arguments elsewhere that he holds wide-ranging legal protections by virtue of his time in office that should stop the case. Trump’s team argued that prosecutors taking the proactive step of producing those draft plans for trial meaningfully violated the hold.