Trump Reposts Claim That Biden Is Somehow Responsible For Putin’s Actions


Former President Donald Trump continues to express a position on the unfolding war in Ukraine launched by invading Russian forces under the control of the much larger country’s authoritarian leader Vladimir Putin… and Trump’s perspective remains difficult to credibly follow.

On Tuesday, Trump shared an allegation on his knock-off social media site Truth Social that Joe Biden is somehow responsible for the war in Ukraine that Putin’s military forces undertook. “This war should have never started. This was Biden’s doing!” said one post that Trump shared. Another pointed to imaginary election-rigging in the 2020 presidential contest, which Trump continues to claim — as he runs for office again — was fraudulently flipped to Biden. “Bottom line. Putin would never have attacked if Biden’s rats hadn’t stolen the election. If you deny that you are a complete idiot,” asserted the post that Trump shared.

Trump has also claimed he could quickly bring an end to the disastrous conflict if given the chance, though he’s simply not produced any coherent plan for actually doing so. And the foreign policy record from the four years as president in which he already served suggests failure would follow.

Despite highly publicized, historic outreach to North Korea, the country’s weapons program remains generally intact, and its citizens’ living conditions have not improved. The dictatorial family that led the country continues its rule much the same as before. And Trump has spoken antagonistically of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), around which Trump’s apparent ideas of the U.S. stepping back would create a significant opening for disastrous military incursions if actually put into practice. The alliance runs on a mutual defense commitment among member countries. Trump’s commitment to tariffs — meaning taxes on imports — also strained relations with U.S. allies and imposed financial burdens on the U.S. individuals and businesses doing the affected importing without a clear series of lasting benefits. It goes on and on.

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