Jasmine Crockett Reminds Jan. 6 Deniers That They Fled From Rioters Too


During proceedings this Wednesday of the House Oversight Committee oriented around going after Hunter Biden for ostensibly (per the Republicans) falling short of subpoena compliance amid an investigation into his business dealings, Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) ripped the GOP record of ignoring the factual record to suit their political ambitions.

And for some, this is clearly documented. Evidence clearly shows the violent nature of the attack on the Capitol of early 2021, when mobs of supporters of then-President Donald Trump descended on the premises in outrage over imaginary election fraud. Elected officials were put in clearly mortal danger, and police officers, journalists, members of Congressional staff, and others were also threatened. Yet, a portion of the Right continues to insist that the reality of January 6 — the day the violence unfolded — was some kind of peaceful demonstration, bucking the basic truth.

“So you can talk all you want to about how January 6 was nonsense, but all of y’all were running at that time,” Crockett said. “Y’all were grabbing y’all’s gas masks, and y’all were running to your offices because you didn’t know if they were coming to kill you. You should have cared that somebody was there to protect you. But instead, you want to play games because you found out it was your leader that decided that he wanted to propagate an insurrection on our country.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), who took over the party leadership position among House Republicans formerly held by Liz Cheney, even recently referred to detainees with criminal cases originating with January 6 as “hostages,” echoing Trump’s language. And the former president himself has repeatedly expressed interest in potentially pardoning riot participants — a group that, as a whole, includes large numbers who brutally attacked police and a subset who openly sought the death of (or physical harm to) political opponents like Mike Pence.

See Crockett’s comments below, as highlighted by journalist Aaron Rupar: