Famed Host Reminds Americans The Country Deserves More Than MAGA’s Relentless Hate


In a segment on “Morning Joe” this Tuesday, co-host Joe Scarborough argued that far-right Republicans who have rallied around Donald Trump “hate America” and are “unpatriotic.”

As he described it, their political and electoral arguments revolve around disparaging the United States as a whole, characterizing the country as fundamentally in decline and currently subject to the whims of extreme leftists. But Joe Biden isn’t a Communist, and the present circumstances reveal growth and advancement. Rates of inflation have generally sunk, unemployment has stayed low, the federal government has orchestrated boosts for domestic industries like technology manufacturing and construction, and more.

“I’m so tired of people trashing America,” Scarborough exclaimed, recounting constructive developments for the country in economic and national security spheres.

“And yet the whining continues. The hatred for America continues from the extreme MAGA Trumpers,” Scarborough exasperatedly added. “Why? Why do they hate America? […] There are entire news networks that are dedicated to spreading the lie that America is weak, dedicated to spreading the lie that the United States military is not the strongest in the world. Those are lies. […] This group of extreme House MAGA Republicans are the most unpatriotic I have seen in a long, long time.”

The rhetoric from Republicans that Scarborough was referencing isn’t subtle. Here’s what a recent post from Trump on his knock-off social media site Truth Social said, addressing supporters of his: “With you at my side, we will demolish the Deep State, we will expel the warmongers from our government, we will drive out the globalists, we will cast out the Communists, Marxists, and Fascists, we will throw off the sick political class that hates our Country, we will rout the Fake News Media, we will Drain the Swamp, and we will liberate our country from these tyrants and villains once and for all!”

Republicans also continue claiming an “invasion” is taking place at the United States’ southern border, misrepresenting the hurdles that have become evident in border areas. However, when a deal updating border policy and setting up aid for Ukraine and Israel was presented in the Senate, Republican Senators — operating in line with Trump’s explicitly expressed stance — voted it down. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, explicitly stated at a press conference that he didn’t feel that the present was an appropriate juncture for “comprehensive” immigration reform. Do they want problems?