Delusional Donald Says There’s A ‘New’ Type Of Crime That’s ‘Bigger’ Than Before


Strangely, Donald Trump claimed on his knock-off social media site Truth Social this Thursday that there’s a “new” category of crime developing that he called “bigger” than what Americans have seen previously.

“A new category of crime is developing in New York City, and America itself, and it is bigger and more violent than anything seen in decades. It’s called BIDEN MIGRANT CRIME, and it will be really dangerous and BAD. Good luck, everyone, you’ll need it!” the ex-president railed. There’s no foundation in the facts for what he’s saying.

Though some have tried to hype up a supposed threat from criminal activity perpetrated by migrants who end up in New York City or elsewhere, it’s not as though criminal activity is meaningfully different just because of who perpetrates the act.

Evidence for the idea of migrants generally committing crimes at a particularly notable rate is also absent, a set of circumstances not suddenly undone just because of an isolated incident here or there that some may ignorantly try using to assert some extensive trend. Authorities have not recorded significant surges in criminal activity in categories including robbery since a growing number of migrants began arriving in New York City, spurred by trips set up by state authorities in the South.

On top of the lack of actual evidence, Republicans rejected a recent bipartisan proposal covering the border and immigration presented in the Senate, voting it down — and quickly opposing it across the Capitol in the House — no matter the sweeping powers newly given to the federal government under its terms for controlling the southern border. Republicans also rebuffed a $14 billion funding package proposed by the Biden administration that would have expanded hiring on border security teams and added to the technology on hand for authorities to go after the dangerous drug fentanyl. Despite their own rejections, House Republicans then impeached Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for supposed failures.