Ex-Prosecutor Shreds Trump’s Excuses In Criminal Case: “There’s Zero Evidence”


Elie Honig, an ex-federal prosecutor who’s now a legal analyst on CNN, condemned pro-Trump arguments this Thursday on the occasion of that ex-president ranting outside of scheduled court proceedings in a criminal case against him in New York City. The case deals with Trump’s alleged moves to falsify business records to cover for hush money provided before the 2016 presidential election to Stormy Daniels, a woman with whom Trump allegedly had an affair.

“So first of all, we have to address the tired and tiresome claim that this is all coming out of the Biden White House,” Honig remarked. “This is a state case. There’s zero evidence whatsoever that Joe Biden or the administration had anything to do with this prosecution.” Trump has claimed that he is the victim of political and electoral plots throughout the various court proceedings against him. At the federal level, there is also no evidence of direct involvement in Trump’s cases by the president or his political team ahead of an expected rematch in this year’s elections between Trump and Biden.

Honig also said that the conduct alleged of Trump, if proven, would constitute real-world criminal activity, contradicting notions there was absolutely nothing criminal in any manner circumstances developed. As trial proceedings against Trump in other cases he is facing remained in limbo, jury selection in the local case against him from New York City prosecutors was scheduled at proceedings Thursday for late March.

Trump’s federal trial on charges from Special Counsel Jack Smith covering his post-2020 election plots was originally scheduled for early March, but appeals from Trump arguing that he holds wide-ranging legal protections by mere virtue of once serving as president that should stop the case spurred a pause on proceedings. Using similar arguments in Trump’s other federal case, which deals with his handling once leaving office of government documents, would likely prove more difficult since Trump was no longer president during the bulk of the conduct alleged. See more — from the news organization Mediaite — at this link.