Court Leaves In Place Sanctions On Trump-Linked Attorney For Targeting Election


Without offering comment, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected this week a pair of appeals from Sidney Powell and Lin Wood challenging sanctions imposed on them in the aftermath of a failed Michigan lawsuit targeting the 2020 election results. The sanctions included financial penalties.

The nation’s highest court evidently rejected the appeals at early stages, refusing the prospect of longer arguments.

The original lawsuit that spurred the penalties on Powell, Wood, and others was part of a nationwide pattern of litigation challenging without basis the outcome of the 2020 presidential race, which figured into the assemblage of sham electoral votes for Trump in a series of states actually won by now President Joe Biden. Some pushed the excuse that the sham electoral votes were positioned as a fail-safe in case challenges over the election results turned out in Trump’s favor, though the trend of these cases’ failure was consistent.

Trump himself once identified Powell as a participant in his legal team. She was charged alongside the former president and a long list of other defendants in the Georgia criminal case from local prosecutor Fani Willis alleging a conspiracy targeting the state’s election results from 2020. Alongside a few other co-defendants, Powell already pleaded guilty. She received no prison time. Wood, meanwhile, is no longer active in the legal profession, having given up his license to practice law in Georgia amid his own disciplinary hurdles. Wood was especially vocal in his arguable extremism, suggesting firing squads at one point amid Trump World’s fury over the 2020 election results becoming Biden’s presidency.

Attention is also on how the Supreme Court will handle Trump’s challenge to an appeals court panel’s rejection of his claims of wide-reaching protections from criminal consequences that Trump and his team insist should block a criminal case from Special Counsel Jack Smith over the ex-president’s extensive post-2020 election maneuvers.