Biden Leads Trump Nationally In Newest Election Data, Dashing GOP Confidence


New polling done by Quinnipiac University measuring prospective voters’ stance on this year’s presidential election finds a national lead for incumbent President Joe Biden against Donald Trump that roughly mirrors the national margin by which Biden was victorious four years prior.

The survey was completed February 19. Including those who indicated they leaned towards the candidate, 49 percent of registered voters backed Biden in a one-on-one match-up, while 45 percent were with Trump. Biden still led nationally when a selection of presidential candidates outside the two major parties were included, though both Biden’s and Trump’s share shrunk significantly. Modern electoral precedent suggests, though, that candidates other than the Republican or Democrat will receive only low levels of support in actual balloting this year.

When splitting poll participants in the one-on-one face-off by age, Biden led in every subgroup. Trump, meanwhile, led among men in general and white respondents.

As he faces a raft of serious courtroom hurdles, Trump has relentlessly alleged that the four criminal cases and wide-ranging civil proceedings are reflective of an electoral plot to undercut his ongoing campaign. He has also specifically alleged that the Biden team at the White House is involved in what he’s facing. There’s no evidence for either specific targeting of the election or the current president and his political associates getting involved.

And though Trump characterizes courtroom challenges of his as reflective of “COMMUNISM,” he’s had access throughout the process to procedural protections of the sort routinely available to individuals subject to the justice system. One of his federal cases was almost entirely put on hold while he has argued at higher levels for a wide-reaching concept of immunity from criminal consequences for actions taken as president that his team says should stop the proceedings. The halt isn’t the mark of something rigged against him!