A Major Trump Fundraising Group Just Got Referred For Potential Criminal Charges


As recounted in news reports including from ABC News, the Wisconsin Ethics Commission — a state government entity — has referred individuals and groups including the Save America political action committee (PAC) aligned with Donald Trump for potential criminal prosecution on felony charges.

The commission alleges that its targets flouted Wisconsin laws for campaign finance through moves ultimately sending large sums into campaign coffers for Adam Steen, a Republican legislative candidate who last year unsuccessfully challenged a high-ranking Republican state legislator who’s ended up opposite Trump politically. Also named were county Republican Parties in Wisconsin’s Chippewa, Langlade, and Florence counties, Steen’s campaign, and others.

The alleged scheme included the Save America PAC donating large sums to local Republican Party leadership who then donated to Steen — effectively skirting state restrictions on individuals or PACs’ direct donations to candidates for the legislative chamber that Steen was hoping to join.

ABC notes that campaign finance records already indicate donations of thousands of dollars at a time dated to the same day in late 2022 from the Trump-aligned PAC to the three county-level Republican Party organizations named. Wisconsin state Attorney General Josh Kaul, a Democrat, will eventually be able to pursue his own case following the commission’s recommendation for charges if the local prosecutors to which it’s sending the matter don’t act.

Per the Associated Press, Steen’s campaign was allegedly very specific in claimed attempts to get around the limits on donations, telling supporters who “wanted to contribute” beyond state limits to send money instead to the Langlade GOP. The state commission also recommended criminal action against GOP state Rep. Janel Brandtjen, known as a Trump supporter.

Trump is personally facing his first criminal trial in a series of four active cases at the end of March. Prosecutors asked this week that the judge impose a limited gag order on the ex-president related to the case, blocking public commentary on witnesses, court staff, and others. Trump’s rhetoric is frequently the subject of concerns about potentially subsequent violence.