An End To The GOP’s Clown-Show Impeachment Probe Demanded By Top Democrat


After a recent sit-down between the president’s brother James Biden and House members amid a GOP-led impeachment probe targeting Joe Biden, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) demanded the probe finally be ended. The Marylander, who is the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, accused Republicans of just fulfilling Donald Trump’s ambitions rather than pursuing a substantive agenda serving Americans’ interests.

“During this interview, he explained repeatedly and unequivocally that Joe Biden has ‘never had any involvement or any direct or indirect financial interest in his business activities,’ and that Joe Biden never took any official action to benefit his business ventures,” Raskin said, referring to the president’s brother.

Raskin added: “Instead of facts and evidence, this inquiry has been driven by Donald Trump’s demands for political retribution and fueled by disinformation and propaganda pushed by agents with alleged ties to Russian intelligence and Chinese interests. It’s time for Chairmen Comer and Jordan to put an end to this flailing and embarrassing impeachment inquiry and start to address at least a few issues that might actually matter to the American people and America’s future.”

Democrats are lambasting Republicans including Rep. James Comer (Ky.) on the Oversight panel and Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio), who leads the House Judiciary Committee, after the source for widely promoted bribery allegations implicating the president and his son Hunter Biden was indicted for allegedly lying. This individual, Alexander Smirnov, was also tied in reports to Russian intelligence circles, leading fellow Oversight Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman (N.Y.) to accuse Jordan of conspiring with Russia’s Vladimir Putin over the Ohio Republican’s continued promotion of corruption allegations underlying the probe.

There’s no clear indication that House Republicans will ever even have the votes to approve an impeachment of the president, which would fail in the still Democratic Party-controlled Senate, resulting in… no substantive movement whatsoever as Americans’ needs remain looming. Is impeaching the president going to solve real-world problems at the border, security issues overseas, or other hurdles for Americans?