Jim Jordan Accused Of Perpetrating An Election Interference Scheme From Congress


As Republicans stick to their impeachment inquiry targeting President Joe Biden that they started in tandem with now imploded allegations of bribery implicating the president and his son, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) is accusing Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) of conspiring with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, whose intelligence circles were reportedly behind false claims on the Bidens.

“There are too many false statements in this fiction novel to address here, but it’s shocking that @Jim_Jordan continues to promote the Burisma hoax even after he learned that it was falsely peddled by Putin. Jordan is now conspiring with Putin to interfere in the Nov election,” Goldman wrote online in response to a lengthy post from the Ohio Republican, who leads the House Judiciary Committee and helps steer the House GOP’s Biden impeachment probe. “And that’s assuming he didn’t know before last week, which is yet to be determined,” Goldman added of the Republican.

Goldman, who before joining Congress as a member lent his legal know-how to the first impeachment case against then-President Trump, is pushing for a Justice Department investigation into the timeline of Republicans learning the true nature of the bribery claims. The allegations, involving millions of dollars for President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden tracing to leadership at the Ukrainian company Burisma, were ferried to federal authorities by Alexander Smirnov, a now former source who was subsequently indicted for allegedly lying. He was also tied in reports to Russian intelligence circles, from whom he allegedly sourced false claims on the Bidens.

Smirnov was recently put into detention by a federal judge as his criminal case continues. Republicans insistent on trying to connect the president to imagined financial corruption largely ignore indications of millions in foreign government-tied payments for Trump businesses including the now defunct hotel in D.C. while he was president. That hotel operation recently spurred another hurdle for Trump with some $126 million in penalties stemming from its sale that were included in the judge’s trial-capping ruling in a fraud case.