Democrat Uses Hunter Biden’s Deposition To Go After Ivanka/Jared’s Corruption


During a recent deposition of Hunter Biden amid an impeachment inquiry led by House Republicans targeting President Joe Biden (Hunter’s father), Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) used a round of questioning to highlight scandals involving alleged corruption within the Trump family. Swalwell serves on the House Judiciary Committee, whose current chairman is Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

Swalwell asked the younger Biden a series of questions referencing circumstances surrounding Donald Trump, inquiring whether similar details applied to his own father, meaning the president. In other words, the California Democrat teed up a series of answers from Hunter establishing that President Joe Biden was not involved in anything like a range of the dubious scenarios that involve Trump.

“So he’s never operated a hotel where foreign nationals spent millions at that hotel while he was in office?” Swalwell asked, referencing details on spending publicized in part by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee. “No, he has not,” the younger Biden replied.

“Did your father ever employ in the Oval Office any direct family member to also work in the Oval Office?” Swalwell also asked, again receiving an answer in the negative. Swalwell’s other questions referenced business activities by the former president’s daughter Ivanka Trump and funding provided from a Saudi Arabian fund for an investment operation led by Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband and Trump’s son-in-law, who spent a considerable length of time on Trump’s political team. “Anyone in your family ever strike a multibillion dollar deal with the Saudi Government while your father was in office?” Swalwell asked. Hunter again told Swalwell: “No.”

The impeachment probe recently took a serious hit after highly publicized bribery allegations implicating the president and Hunter Biden fell apart — again — with the indictment for alleged lying of the former federal source who relayed the tale. Defendant Alexander Smirnov was also tied in reports to Russian intelligence circles, leading to accusations that the impeachment inquiry launched concurrent to his original claims advances Russia’s interests.