Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Schools GOP Chairman In Deposition: You’re ‘Absolutely Wrong’


Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner was referenced during a wide-ranging Congressional deposition of the current president’s son Hunter Biden, and Abbe Lowell — a lawyer for the younger Biden — schooled House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) regarding the nature of Kushner and Lowell’s professional relationship.

Comer appeared to try using questions about Kushner’s financial dealings against Hunter. “When we’ll deal with influence peddling, we’ll ask,” Comer said, as Biden and Lowell both pressed panel members for their take on what Kushner has been up to. Comer quipped shortly afterwards that deposition participants “may ask you.” “He has the same attorney. That’s what I’m saying,” the Kentuckian added. Lowell said that such a scenario was absolutely not the case.

“Mr. Comer, you are absolutely wrong. I represented one person at one time for a stupid investigation as to whether or not he had been involved in something called Russian interference,” Lowell said, evidently referencing Kushner, who spent considerable time on Trump’s political team. “I have not represented him in any other matter. And to say that we have the same attorney is really just another example how you say things, and you pretend that they’re real because they come out of your mouth, but they tend not to be so. So I take offense by what you just said.”

The next portions of the extensive transcript immediately veer back into other subjects.

Hunter was consistent during the discussion with members of Congress and their staff in rebutting notions that his father was meaningfully involved in his business activities. Republicans are pursuing an impeachment inquiry targeting the president that was spurred in part by now discredited allegations of bribery linking both Hunter and his father to the Ukrainian company Burisma. The now former federal source behind the tale was indicted last month for allegedly lying to federal authorities and was tied in reports to Russian intelligence circles.