Trump Is ‘Incoherent’ & ‘Can’t Even Finish A Sentence,’ Civil Rights Leader Warns U.S.


In a recent discussion on MSNBC spotlighted afterwards by a rapid response team associated with the Biden campaign, Rev. Al Sharpton lambasted the obsession with supposed problems associated with the current president’s age and declared Joe Biden’s expected general election challenger this November — meaning Donald Trump — “incoherent.”

Though Trump has sometimes tried to excuse his flubs, he again in a recent speech referred to Barack Obama in place of Joe Biden when trying to discuss the current president. Another infamous example is Trump trying to discuss details associated with Speaker Emerita Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and instead referring — repeatedly — to Nikki Haley, a former official in the Trump administration and the ex-president’s last remaining serious challenger in the GOP’s ongoing presidential primary.

“Was he too old to get the infrastructure bill passed?” Sharpton asked of the current president. “Was he too old to get the Inflation Reduction bill passed? Was he too old to bring us out of the heights of a pandemic and go up against a guy that denied the pandemic was coming and then told us to take bleach and then put his name on a check that Nancy Pelosi got through Congress? And now he’s incoherent — even to himself. He can’t even finish a sentence — going off in babble-land.”

There is no specific evidence indicating that Biden is somehow physically or mentally unfit to lead, though some are giving extensive air-time to conspiracy theories involving his health… although Trump is only barely younger. And Trump’s the one who still insists he was actually the winner of a presidential election described otherwise by every credible authority and who alternates between deeming his political opponents Communists, Nazis, and figures of the sort normally found in what he deems “third world” countries. Trump even recently compared his own supposed troubles here in the U.S. to circumstances leading up to the death in detention of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.