Hillary Deems Trump’s Threats To Freedom A Bigger Problem Than Biden’s Age


Hillary Clinton on Wednesday spoke publicly against concerns about President Joe Biden’s age.

Biden’s already expected general election challenger Donald Trump won a series of the GOP’s presidential primaries on Tuesday, further establishing his path to Republicans’ presidential nomination this year and outlining — again — the match-up expected in the general election. Trump’s last remaining serious challenger, Nikki Haley, dropped out after Tuesday losses.

“When you’re lucky to live into your seventies or eighties, the difference of a few years doesn’t matter all that much,” Clinton wrote on X (Twitter). “Joe Biden and Donald Trump are effectively the same age. Let’s use that as a baseline. So this week, it’s become clear the choice for this November is between one of the most effective presidents of our lifetimes, in Joe Biden… or someone who tried to overthrow our democracy, has been indicted 91 times, and says he wants to be a “day one” dictator if elected again. I’m choosing Biden. How about you?”

Biden is firmly on his way to Democrats’ presidential nomination, easily defeating his only primary challengers, a list including a Minnesota Congressman (who has since dropped out) and Marianne Williamson, known as a self-help figure.

Biden’s corner is focusing ahead of this year’s elections on accomplishments secured under his leadership including the sweeping deal on infrastructure spending enacted when Democrats still led both the House and Senate. Democrats are also spotlighting where Republicans in Congress have undercut opportunities for bipartisan action — something necessary with the current divisions in partisan control of government. Republicans are rejecting proposals on the border and immigration, for instance, that would help expand authorities’ capacity to go after the dangerous drug fentanyl, boost hiring on border security teams, expand the roster of immigration judges, and more.

Trump is basing much of his ongoing campaign on grievance, characterizing opponents of his out on the campaign trail or within the legal system as Communists, Nazis, and/or figures ordinarily found in what he derisively deems “third world” countries.