Judiciary Panel Member Pushes For The END Of The GOP’s Impeachment Charades


House Democrats are continuing their public campaign against the very continuance of House Republicans’ now long-running impeachment inquiry targeting President Joe Biden. Republicans have advanced this investigation even after the source for some allegations that helped drive it was federally indicted for allegedly lying to authorities and was tied in reports to Russian intelligence circles.

“It’s over. Pronounce it dead,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said Wednesday of the probe. “The GOP will not impeach President Biden. This is an absolute and total acquittal of a year’s worth of bogus claims.”

Congressional investigators heard recently from the president’s son Hunter Biden, who insisted during his hours-long testimony that the president was not involved in his business activities in a variety of areas, up to and including the younger Biden’s recent career in contemporary art. Hunter Biden creating and selling artwork has been among Republicans’ focuses, with the underlying suggestion that it all could be part of what Republicans have characterized as “influence peddling” by the Bidens.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, is also clamoring for Republicans to shut down their persistent impeachment probe.

Swalwell was speaking the day after a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, where he serves, that covered the recently concluded investigation into the discovery of classified documents at locations associated with President Joe Biden. Robert Hur, who as Special Counsel led the investigation, declined to pursue criminal charges, though he produced what many characterized as a politically slanted final report. Dems used the hearing to go after Donald Trump, questioning his mental state and spotlighting aspects of what became a criminal case against the former president related to his own handling of federal government documents. Trump also faces obstruction allegations.

Without real-world evidence, Trump claimed afterwards on his social media site Truth Social that Democrats used artificial intelligence in their footage of him during the hearing, which spotlighted examples of Trump struggling through public commentary and sometimes becoming outright unintelligible.