Private Citizen Donald Trump Is Crediting Himself For Current Stock Market Highs


In a message on the occasion of him formally passing the convention delegates needed to secure Republicans’ presidential nomination this year, Donald Trump again tried taking credit for current growth seen in the stock market. Trump, though, left public office more than three years ago.

“Our Party is UNITED and STRONG, and fully understands that we are running against the Worst, Most Incompetent, Corrupt, and Destructive President in the History of the United States,” Trump wrote online. “Millions of people are invading our Country, many from prisons and mental institutions of other Countries. High Interest Rates and Inflation are choking our great middle class, and ALL, our Economy is bad, and our Stock Market is rising only because Polls are strongly indicating that we will WIN the Presidential Election of 2024.”

In fact, political polls continue showing a mixed portrait of what’s now more formally the long expected rematch between Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden, and in any scenario, polls are known for their limitations in actually predicting the specific outcome of any given election. Recent polling of registered voters by Morning Consult showed a tie between Trump and Biden when one on one. That data and the polling like it isn’t a strong indicator of anything, plain and simple.

And Trump’s claims about unity in the Republican Party are undercut by the significant — though not winning — vote shares won by Nikki Haley, Trump’s last remaining serious challenger in the GOP primary who dropped out of the race after last week’s “Super Tuesday” primaries, which Trump swept (in win terms). In Michigan, a state that became central in the 2020 presidential election, Trump only got about 68 percent in the GOP primary. In New Hampshire, which has sometimes been close in presidential elections, Trump fell even further to just over 54 percent. That’s not a wholly unified party!