Liz Cheney Declares That Trump ‘Knows’ His Attacks ‘Will Bring Threats Of Violence’


Responding Friday to some of the latest angry rhetoric from former President Donald Trump, ex-GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming asserted that the past commander-in-chief “knows” that the remarks “will bring threats of violence.”

It’s a problem seen already with Trump, whose remarks contested this time were in the context of a criminal case he is facing from local prosecutors in New York City. Trump has been going after the judge in the case on social media, even naming the judge’s daughter amid his routine allegations of bias, though she’s not involved with the case.

“Trump is repeatedly and maliciously attacking a judge’s daughter on social media,” Cheney posted. “He knows this will bring threats of violence against her and the judge. Trump is depraved and unstable. This unconscionable behavior shows yet again why he is unfit for any office.”

Trump was actually placed under a gag order in the case this week, but its provisions do not block public commentary from him that names the judge or members of the judge’s family. Blocked instead is a range of commentary invoking witnesses, jurors (both prospective and actual), and others. A gag order was previously requested by the prosecution, mirroring gag orders imposed on Trump in two other cases. Facing predictable challenges, the earlier restrictions on Trump’s speech were largely upheld.

Trump is rapidly approaching trial in the New York case, with the judge — Juan Merchan — teeing up jury selection for the middle of next month. The judge recently rebuffed allegations from the Trump team of misconduct by prosecutors in their handling of discovery materials, meaning items shared amid the routine processes ahead of trial for the assembling of relevant evidence. Some of the Trump team’s complaints involved a new documentary featuring Stormy Daniels, whose hush money from Trump’s circles spurred some of the present case’s circumstances. Prosecutors got the documentary to Trump’s team before it was publicly released, they said.