Jared Kushner Accused Of Apparent ‘Quid Pro Quo Deals’ Threatening National Security


In a new letter, leading Democrats on the House Oversight Committee accuse Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner of “apparent influence peddling and quid pro quo deals involving investments in exchange for official actions,” referring to a combination of Kushner’s work on Donald Trump’s presidential team and his business activities, some of which have run parallel to the international connections he furthered when in power.

The Democrats, Reps. Jamie Raskin (Md.) and Robert Garcia (Calif.), drew connections between billions of dollars provided to an investment business helmed by Kushner following his time in the White House and actions by Kushner in the White House that arguably benefited the eventual source of that money: Saudi leadership.

“Mr. Kushner’s record of pro-Saudi advocacy within the Trump Administration is now well documented,” the Democrats said, with citations throughout. “Mr. Kushner successfully overruled State Department officials, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, to make President Trump’s first foreign trip as President to Saudi Arabia. Mr. Kushner personally intervened to inflate the value of a U.S.-Saudi arms deal and to finalize the deal President Trump signed, which was worth $110 billion. Mr. Kushner also provided diplomatic cover and support to the Crown Prince after the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi, an American permanent resident and journalist.”

Though Kushner is reportedly staying out of Trump’s political team as his father-in-law makes another run for the White House, Trump himself has similar connections, considering his businesses have evidently raked in millions of dollars tracing also to Saudi leadership for hosting events associated with LIV Golf, a league still somewhat new. Trump has personally shilled for the league in public commentary.

Raskin and Garcia were writing to leading Republicans on their committee, pushing for a public hearing on questions surrounding Kushner. Democrats have tried to steer focus that direction amid Republicans pursuing the Bidens over alleged possibilities of serious financial corruption.