Trump ‘Should Be In Custody’ After Violent Imagery Against Biden, Expert Contends


After Donald Trump shared a video online that included imagery depicting President Joe Biden bound in a seeming kidnapping, the outrage was swift.

Tim Hogan, an outspoken J.D. holder, said the former president should be detained, accusing him of a violation of legal blocks on making threats against the president.

“If @SecretService does nothing about Trump’s violation of federal law making a threats against the POTUS,” Hogan said, then “@DHSgov head should fire the director of Secret Service and refer the mattter to the DOJ for charges. Because Trump is out on bail, he should likely be held pending trial.” “Trump should be in custody,” he added in another post.

Trump faces occasional but consistent accusations that he benefits from essentially his own standard of justice, an allegation raised again after the recent decision by a New York appeals court to significantly lessen the bond that he is required to post in order to hold collections at bay while he appeals a massive judgment against him in a state civil case that successfully alleged fraud. Originally, that required bond covered the entirety of the financial penalties, which neared half a billion dollars when including interest. That appeals court brought the total down to $175 million and gave the former president 10 days.

Trump is also currently facing outrage for allegedly threatening rhetoric in a different court context: his New York criminal case set for trial in the middle of next month. Trump is repeatedly singling out a daughter of the judge in the case in his public accusations of bias, which former GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming asserted the ex-president “knows” will produce threats of violence. Prosecutors are positing that the gag order already imposed on Trump in the case also covers the judge’s family members and asked for a clarification or confirmation from Judge Merchan.