Murder Victim’s Sister Says Trump Lied About Reaching Out To The Family


In recent remarks given in Michigan, which is likely to be an electorally critical state in this year’s presidential race, ex-President Donald Trump said that he spoke with the family of a woman who was killed in a recent incident reportedly involving an undocumented immigrant who’s confessed to the act. A sister of the deceased woman now says, though, that Trump’s claim simply isn’t true.

Mavi Garcia, whose sister Ruby Garcia was the victim, relayed the family’s experiences to Target 8, a news source in Michigan.

“He did not speak with any of us, so it was kind of shocking seeing that he had said that he had spoke with us, and misinforming people on live TV,” she said. The outlet described her as a spokesperson for the family. Mavi previously spoke with journalists following her sister’s death; however, the family stepped back from the public eye as time went on. “But she responded immediately to a text from Target 8 after Trump’s speech in Grand Rapids on Tuesday,” the outlet said.

Trump and his political corner are incessantly trying to entrench the idea of migrants to the U.S. bringing waves of crime, though the support for the idea of a systematic problem just isn’t there, even if some such individuals have committed criminal acts. There’s no real connector from the individual perpetrators to these broader groups of which they’re a part beyond the similarities in ethnic or cultural background, which isn’t enough to assert some kind of sweeping pattern unless you’re just being racist. It would be the same as trying to characterize white Americans as murderers in large number just because of the white Americans who have committed such acts in relative isolation.

But that’s not stopping Trump and his ilk from spotlighting incidents of criminal activity perpetrated by migrants to support their anti-immigration approach.